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Original Halcyon Kits for Sale


A good friend of the site has some original Halcyon kits for sale. Click here for a pic of all the models, including the super rare original Nostromo!

If you're interested, feel free to send us an email and we'll put you in touch with the seller!

Amazing collection & more


Collector James Chapman has an incredible gallery of his Alien collection up on Instagram here!

Hudson ReAction figure on sale here!

Marines, Bishop & Newt deal here!

Prime1 Predators Berserker!

Alien Nendoroid at BBTS!

Gambody 3D print files!

Hollywood Collectibles Aliens Dropship


The largest licensed Dropship ever produced is now available for pre-order from Hollywood Collectibles Group here in both a regular and APC exclusive version!

Prime1 Fugitive Predator at Sideshow!

Predator Bio Helmet prop replica at Monsters in Motion!

NECA Predator Snake, and Ultimate Elder at Entertainment Earth!

Aliens The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 4 at Big Bad Toy Store!

Funko Alien Popsies!

Predator Q Fig Max Elite!

Jungle Hunter Predator Battle Damaged at Sideshow!

Predator Cutting Disc prop replica!

Alien Zippermouth plush!

Alien Day Update


Unique prints from Angeltrancon Studio!

Amazing "TorchTorch" collection offerings including prints, clothing, and more!

New Tee Villain limited edition shirts!

Cavity Colors Alien Day reveal!

New Alien Score book and cover art reveal from Chris Siddal.

Alien Day deals at Beast Wreck!

April Update


Spaceballs Dancing Chestburster Collectors statue!

Alien Xenomorph Nedoroid action figure!

Predator Nedoroid action figure!

Supre7 ReAction figure deal!

CavityColors "Jonesy" t-shirt and more!

Alien items at Big Bad Toy Store!

Aliens Ripley Q Figure!

Predator Q Figure!

Alien3 Mega Runner Xenomorph Statue Special with Collector Magazine #10!

Alien Flight of the Nostromo!

Predator Fleece Blanket!

Hiya Toys Aliens and Predator at BBTS!

February Update


Predator 2 Ultimate Warrior Predator 7-Inch Scale Action Figure, Predator Silhouette Fleece Throw, Predator 2 Gallery Hunter Statue, Predator 1987 Figure with Magazine! and AvP Grid Xenomorph Figure with Magazine at Entertainment Earth!

Taschen Giger Book!

Alien3 art print at Mondo!

Predator 2 Ultimate Predator figure!

Jungle Hunter Predator Limited Edition Battle Damaged 1:3 Scale Premium Bust!

New Year, New Update


Aliens Moderoid Ripley & Powerloader model kit!

Alien & Predator Museum Collection Warrior Head!

Also at Monsters in Motion!


New Hiya Toys figures!

NECA Alien vs. Predator Aliens Set of Figures!

NECA Aliens Ultimate Rhino Kenner Tribute Figure!

Aliens Alien Warrior ReAction figure!

Jungle Hunter Predator Limited Edition Battle Damaged 1:3 Scale Premium Bust!

Christmas Update


WETA Mini Epic Predator!

Mezco One:12 Xenomorph Concept figure!

Super7 ReAction Warrior!

Powerloader Q Figure!

Alien Xenomorph Q Figure at Monsters in Motion!

"This Time It's War" T-Shirt!

"Aliens Swarm" statue from Bradford Exchange!

Mid-Week Update


Megabox Predator!

Aliens vs. Predator Three World War Tusked Alien Premium Masterline Statue!

Eaglemoss Dropship!

Tech Noir The Art of James Cameron!

Aliens Artbook Artbook at amazon!

"The Mostly Come At Night" at Perfect Organism!

New Aliens t-shirts and more!

Even More Art Prints


"Mother vs. Mother" art print at HCG!

"The Queen" art print at HCG!

Aliens Wall Spinner 3D art at HCG!

Alien cereal art print at HCG!

"LV-Unknown" art print at HCG!

"LV-Unknown Last 3 Seconds" art print at HCG!

Alien One:12 Collective figure!

Origina Alien screenplay!

Alien Art Prints & More


"Organic Life" art print at HCG!

"Ripley" art print at HCG!

AvP RequiemRequiem Active Camouflage Wolf Predator 1:18 Scale Action Figure - Previews Exclusive at EE!

AvP Requiem Battle Damaged Wolf Predator 1:18 Scale Action Figure - Previews Exclusive at EE!

Sulaco with collector magazine at EE!

Dropship with collector magazine!

Miniature Pulse Rifle & More


New Hiya Aliens & Predator figures!

Huge selection of Predator items!

Eaglemoss Sulaco and Nostromo!

All new NECA NECA Aliens figures!

Eaglemoss Sulaco at Monsters in Motion and Nostromo!

Aliens vs. Predator "Movie Deco figures!

AvP Active Camouflage Celtic Predator 1:18 Scale Action Figure - Previews Exclusive!

AvP Active Camouflage Chopper Predator 1:18 Scale Action Figure!

Alien The Official Cookbook!

Eaglemoss Nostromo!

Miniature working Pulse Rifle!

William Gibson's Alien3 & More


William Gibson's Alien 3 novelization!

The future of the Alien franchise!

New Alien retro t-shirts and more!

James Cameron's Alien 5!

New Hiya figures at BBTS!

Prime1 Aliens wall art unboxing!

Alien Queen Q Fig Max Elite!

Predator Q Fig Max Elite!

Tech Noir The Art of James Cameron!

Aliens Artbook!

Alien The Official Cookbook!

Eaglemoss Nostromo!

Alien One:12 Collective Action Figure!

Eaglemoss Nostromo & More


Eaglemoss Nostromo at Entertainment Earth!

Predator "Ahab" Masterline Statue!

Cavity Colors Alien Apparel!

New NECA Alien & Predator figures!

Micro Epics Powerloader!

Alien "Zippermouth" plush!

Remembering JW Rinzler


Remembering "Making of Alien/Aliens" and so much more, author JW Rinzler at AvP Galaxy.

HIYA Toys Predators Unmasked Berserker Action Figure Review!

Prime1 Predator Masterline statue here!

New NECA Alien 40th Anniversary figures!

Aliens 35th and more!


Remembering Aliens on its 35th Anniversary!

New MONDO Comic-Con Alien prints!

Xeno "Zippermouth" plush available here!

Embossed Predator and Alien leather wallets!

Alien Deluxe MDS figure!

Predator 2Deluxe City Hunter Designer Figure!

SyFy takes a look at Cameron's original idea for Aliens!

New figures, models, and more!


XM Studios Alien Hive Warrior!

Alien Mezco designer series!

Available for pre-order here!

Alien: Fate of the Nostromo board game and more at Big Bad Toy Store!

New NECA Predator and Alien figures here!

NECA Alien Resurrection queen!

HIYA "green" variant APC!

AvP: Requiem unmasked Wolf Predator exclusive!

Mamegyorai Alien head


Mamegyorai has just released in-depth information for their 1:2 scale Alien Big Chap here. You can find more info here!

New Super7 Aliens ReAction at Big Bad Toy Store!

Mezco One:12 Collective Predator!

News Bites


Eaglemoss Aliens Xenomorph Warrior and Predator figures at Monsters in Motion!

Loyal Subjects Bishop on sale!

Hiya Toys Lambert in Spacesuit!

Issue 3 of Marvel's A L I E N series!

AvP Ultimate Prey novel!

Aliens Q Figs


Aliens Queen, Predator, and Xenomorph Q Figs at Big Bad Toy Store!

Aliens miniatures!

Alien "VHS Case" poster art puzzle at Big Bad Toy Store!

Amazing new releases from Super7!

May Update


Limited edition Alien prints and more at Printed in Blood!

Original Alien props for auction!

Xenomorph mini epic!

S.H. Monsterarts Alien on sale Big Bad Toy Store!

More new HIYA Toys at Big Bad Toy Store!

Fun Alien t-shirts, jackets and more!

52 Toys Megabox Aliens toys!

AvP Invisible Scar Predator Entertainment Earth!

Model Kits & More


"Preda Claus" model kit at Monsters in Motion!

Kaiyodo at Monsters in Motion!

Preorder Aliens items at Westfield Comics!

Hiya Toys at Big Bad Toy Store!

WETA Alien mini Epics!

How Aliens Fireteam fits into the Alien Universe!

Polygon looks at Marvel's Alien!

Discounted Loyal Subjects Figures & More


Gamestop is having a sale on Loyal Subjects Aliens figures here!

Loyal Subjects Exclusive Aliens Easter Egg Pods at Walmart!

Leading Edge Miniatures & More


New WETA Predator Mini Epics!

New Hiya Predator Predator figures!

Replica Brett cap!

NECA 40th Anniversary Ash video review!

Toy Ark takes a look at new Hiya figues!

Golden Angel Predator figure at Big Bad Toy Store!

Leading Edge Miniatures & More


Sigourney Weaver talks Aliens!

Aliens Easter Eggs at Walmart!

Leading Edge miniatures set on eBay!

Ripley t-shirt!

Predator 30th Anniversary Jungle Demon 1/4 Scale Figure With Lights!

Predator Ultimate Golden Angel 7-Inch Scale Action Figure at EE!

Predator 2 Stalker reviewed on YouTube!

Hiya Toys Alien exclusive Kane figure!

Limited Edition Marvel covers!

Leading Edge Miniatures & More


A good friend of the site has some amazing prop replicas for sale:

Click here to let him know if you're interested!

Overdue Update


Xeno Warrior hoodie and t-shirt!

Predator in the Jungle hoodie and t-shirt!

XM StudiosAlien Hive Warrior Supreme Scale Statue!

NECA Dropship reviewed!

AvP Temple Predator figure!

AvP Xeno figure at Toy Wiz!

AvP Predator Predator Young Blood figure!

Hiya Toys Aliens Crouching Warrior figure!

H.R. Giger 1/6 Scale Designer Chair Replica (Metallic Version) with Bonus Alien Egg at Monsters in Motion!

Eaglemoss die-cast APC replica!

More new HIYA Toys 1:18 Aliens & Predator figures!

NECA Facehugger replica!

New NECA Predator figures!

Hiya Elder Predator at Entertainment Earth!

Hiya "Invisible" Scar Predator at Entertainment Earth!

Aliens: Infiltrator novel at amazon!

AvP 1:18 queen action figure!

Alien 1979 Eggs and Facehugger 1/18 Scale action figure set!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide Part II


Complete Leading Edge Games collection for sale on eBay!

The return of Alien Pinball!

Hiya Toys Powerloader on sale!

USCSS Prometheus model kit!

New Alien items at Big Bad Toy Store!

One:12 Predator Predator!

Hiya Toys APC!

Article: "Aliens is nothing like Alien and all the better for it"!

Article: How Alien 3 Shaped Fincher's Filmography !

More new HIYA Toys 1:18 Aliens & Predator figures!

AvP Galaxy on the recent loses of David Giler and Peter Lamont.

New Aliens artbook announced!

Hiya Elder Predator at Toy Wiz!

Hiya Alien vs. Predator Alien Warrior at Toy Wiz!

Hiya "Invisible" Scar Predator at Toy Wiz!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide


Looking for the perfect gift for the Aliens or Predator fan in your life? We got ya covered - here's a list of what's new and upcoming:

NECA Ultimate Stalker Predator!

Cool Props AvP Scar Predator!

AvP Galaxy takes a look at Mezco's new "One: 12 Collective" Predator figure!

New Predator Figures in stock!

Bradford Exchange Aliens Swarm Illuminated sculpture!

New Predator "Hunter Series" Figures from Lanard!

Marvel announces new comic series!

Last Exit to Nowhere Weyland-Yutani hoodie!

HIYA AvP Temple Guard, Young Blood Predator, "Blowout" Alien Warrior!

Predator 2 bio-helmet replica!

More HIYA Toys pre-orders!

"LV-426" bomber jacket!

WETA mini-epics!

Amazing "Burning APC" from HIYA Toys!

Fun Alien-inspired pins!

New NECA Alien 40th figures coming in 2021!

New Lanard Figures and More


Larger scale Lanard figures coming soon!

Gale Force Nine Aliens tabletop game bonus!

Blomkamp's Alien 5!

New Predator figure assortment in stock at Big Bad Toy Store!

Sulaco T-Shirt and More


Fun "Sulaco Crew" t-shirt available at Order 6t6 along with Nostromo Crew decals and more!

Complete Alien3 Warrior costume at auction!

AvP Galaxy looks at Hiya Toys offerings!

"Space Trucker Crew" miniatures!

52 Toys Alien and Powerloader on YouTube here!

Alien Q Figures and More


Alien Xenomorph Q-Fig Figure available at Monsters in Motion! (thanks Daniel!) and Big Bad Toy Store!

Aliens Ripley Power Loader Q-Fig Elite Figure here! and Big Bad Toy Store!

Aliens Megabox Powerloader!

Hiya Toys available here!

Hiya Grid Alien!

Hiya Predator!

Alien Insignia Decals and More


Fun Aliens inspired decals and t-shirts at Weyland Corp. here! (thanks Daniel!)

Prodos Games Dropship unboxing!

Previews Exclusive Predator 2 here!

News Aliens and Predator figures from Hiya Toys!

Hiya Brown Aliens Warrior available here!

Hiya Aliens "Headshot" Warrior available here!

New NECA Predator figures here!

New NECA Aliens figures Chopper Predator!

Prime1 Predator Killer here!

Aliens Ovomorph sculpture!

NECA foam Alien bust at Big Bad Toy Store!

More HIYA Predator and Aliens figures here!

Prime1 Aliens Premium Masterline Rogue Alien Battle Diorama at Big Bad Toy Store!

Prime1 Scorpion Alien!

Prime1 Big Game Predator!

Die Cast APC & More


More on Hachette Partworks 1:2 ALIEN Big Chap model here! (thanks Daniel!)

NECA Ultimate Rhino Alien!

Available at Big Bad Toy Store here!

Alien MAFEX on sale here!

More Alien goodies at here!

Aliens APC replica!

HIYA Chopper Predator!

Build Your Own Alien & More


Hachette Partworks 1:2 ALIEN Big Chap model!

In-depth video on YouTube here!

Eaglemoss USCSS Prometheus!

The Making of Alien from Titan!

Eaglemoss Alien Collection!

Alien Stomper comict!

Eaglemoss Chestburster!

Eaglemoss APC!

"Xenomorph Expeditions" art print!

Alien Housewares & More


Diamond Select City Hunter Predator Two diorama!

KidRobot Alien Xenomorph HugMe Vibrating Plush

52 Toys Predator Megabox!

Alien housewares!

Eaglemoss Alien Collection!

Alien Super Bucket!

Alien Resurrection Betty replica!

Facehugger prop replica!

Alien shaker set!

NECA Alien3 creature pack!

Funko Exclusive & More


WETA Mini Epics at Big Bad Toy Store!

Alien 40th Anniversary "Vynl

Funko Pop Predator exclusive!

NECA Alien Big Chap!

New Alien RPG module!

Alien 3 creature pack!

Alien the cookbook!

Alien: Covenant Hiya Toys Exquisite Mini Eggs Unboxing video!

Garbage Pail Kids inspired t-shirt!

New Mega Construx Queen & More


Mega Construx Aliens Queen at Walmart!

Dark Horse's "Predator: The Original Screenplay" cancelled :(

Mezco Toys MDS Alien!

NECA Big Chap!

Ellen Ripley action vinyl on sale!

Predators Invisible Falconer!

Sideshow Alien Xenomorph Parasite Mythos!

More sideshow here!

NECA Comic-Con Exclusive


Pixel Dan gets in-depth with NECA's new Comic-Con exclusive!

NECA Battle Damaged city hunter Predator!

NECA Predator 2 box concept art!

New WETA Mini Epics revealed!

HIYA Toys Aliens Warrior!

Pre-order here!

Pixel Dan gets in-depth with NECA's Predator 2 City Hunter convention exclusive!

Alien Battle Damaged Nostromo plaque!

Alien pin set!

Weyland-Yutani pennant!

USCM Art & More


Colonial Marines recruitment t-shirt and poster!

Ripley & Newt t-shirt and poster!

Diamond Select Predator Comic-Con exclusive!

Predator statues and bust!

New NECA Predator figures!

NECA Alpha Predator video review!

NECA Aliens figures for sale!

Alpha Predator at Entertainment Earth!

Aliens RPG expansion sets!

Hiya Toys AvP Celtic Predator exclusive!

Hiya Toys AvP Alien exclusive!

Hiya Toys at Big Bad Toy Store!

Amazing selection of AvP Galaxy t-shirts!

Hiya Toys Alien Big Chap!

Amazing Lego Nostromo & More


Stunning custom Lego Nostromo!

New NECA exclusives coming soon!

NECA Alien photoshoot!

Colonial Marines equipment video!

New Hiya Toys Alien, Predator, and more!

Stunning Prime 1 Studio Warrior Alien with bonus Pulse Rifle!

Preview video!

Big Chap video!

New NECA Predator 2 figures!

Hiya Toys Covenant Egg set!

NECA Predator 2!

Building a pulse rifle video!

New Figures & More


Aliens ReAction figures at Monsters in Motion!

Alien Super Soapies Bubble Wand Bottle!

New NECA Aliens figures!

Broodlord X-Rex scale replicas!

Diamond Select Predator SDCC exclusive!

More info here!

Alien 40th Anniversary Big Chap 1/4 Scale Figure!

Alpha Predator photo shoot!

Bug Stomper t-shirt!

Aliens comic-con panel!

Aliens: Colonial Marines power loader!

Lifesize Alien Big Chap!

Previews Exclusive Predators Falconer!

Bio-Quarantine Update & More


Predator Big Game statue at Monsters in Motion!

Aliens Megabox Queen!

NECA Alpha Predator!

Predator Mega Construx Dutch!

Eaglemoss Narcissus collectible statue!

Aliens ReAction figures!

AvP Scar Predator 1:18 Figure at Entertainment Earth!

New From Hiya Toys & More


Hiya Toys Big Chap!

Prime1 Studio Premium Masterline Sengoku Predator!

More new Hiya figures!

Mark Verheiden talks Aliens, Dark Horse and more!

Free League ALIEN the Roleplaying Game expansion!

NECA Jungle Hunter Predator video review!

Alien Day preview


Mondo Alien Day offerings!

More info here!

Hollywood Collectibles 1:1 scale Big Chap!

More here!

Hollywood Collectibles Nostromo!

Fun Aliens t-shirt!

Megabox Powerloader!

New Alien offering from NECA coming soon!

Syd Mead "Designing Your Future!

Reebok black crew t-shirt!

Super7 Alien Day discount code!

Eaglemoss Alien Day 30% discount code!

Rick and Morty alien preview!

Crazy Quarantine Update


Reebok Classic Leather Stomper available now!

Colonial Marine Bug Stompers coming soon!

Marine inspired long sleeve t-shirt!

Hollywood Collectibles USS Sulaco large scale model!

Aliens Megabox Powerloader coming in June!

Hollywood Collectibles Bug Hunt Special!

Mattel Mega Construx Xenomorph Egg Blind Pack!

Lanard APC at Walmart!

More Aliens at Big Bad Toy Store!

James Cameron on directing Aliens!

Reebok black crew t-shirt!

Hollywood Collectibles USCSS Nostromo large scale model!

Dark Horse ALIEN: The Original Screenplay!

The Alien 3 that could have been!

Aliens metallic figure!

Aliens "V6" t-shirt!

Aliens Xenomorph socks!

Stay safe everyone!

News & Updates


Gale Force 9's Aliens roleplay expansion!

Eaglesmoss Alien Derelict!

NECA Predator 2 Ultimate Scout figure!

NECA Armored Lost Predator!

Eaglemoss Mega City Hunter Predator figure!

Eaglemoss Facehugger figure!

Alien 3 suit test!

AvP Galaxy t-shirts!

Quarantine Update


Gale Force 9's Aliens roleplay expansion!

ALIEN: Epilogue fan film!

Mega Construx Predator!

Mega Construx Dutch!

Hiya Toys Predators!

AvP Galaxy on the Hadley's Hope game we never got!

WETA micro epic Alien Queen at Big Bad Toy Store!

Fun new Predator items and more at Big Bad Toy Store!

Fun new Alien items and more at Big Bad Toy Store!

New Mezco Alien and More


Mezco previewed their new 1:12 Big Chap figure ar Toy Fair!

NECA shows off new Ash and Kane with John Hurt likeness!

HCG large scale Nostromo replica!

Alien art prints!

New novel Alien: Into the Charydbis!

Alien pint glass!

Super7 Aliens ReAction figures!

WETA micro epic Alien Queen!

Pre-order new NECA Predator and Alien figures!

New NECA and More


Aliens Megabox Aliens Queen!

Predator 2 Gallery Hunter statue!

Alien Ripley pint glass!

Alien: Isolation novel review!

New NECA Ripley!

NECA 40th figures!

Pre-order Aliens goodies at Westfield Comics!

New Year, New Updates


More new Hiya Toys Predator Figures!

ToyArk takes a look at NECA's Alien 40th Anniversary Big Chap!

Lanard Alien Queen!

Vintage Lance Henriksen interview!

Kenner homage t-shirt!

New Super 7 Reaction figures!

Super 7 "Super Soapies"!

Prime1 Assassin Predator!

NECA Ultimate Alpha Predator!

More here!

Aliens: Phalanx & More


New novel, Aliens: Phalanx!

Predators Hunters III here!

Eaglemoss Alien Derelict!

Eaglemoss Alien: Covenant lander!

NECA Alien: Resurrection Newborn!

Aliens vs. Predator Anniversary Edition!



Predators Crucified Predator!

Also available at Big Bad Toy Store here!

More HIYA Toys figures here!

Alien: Covenant concept art!

Super7 Alien sale!

Infinity Studio Berserker statue!

Infinity Studio Predator 2 Ultimate City Hunter!

Infinity Studio Predator 2 Elite City Hunter!

Link Storm


Bradford Exchange Nostromo!

And more here!

Aliens Mega Construx!

Mega Construx Egg assortment!

Super7 Alien sale!

Broodlord X-Rex!

Eaglemoss Alien: Covenant unboxing!

Alien: Covenant behind-the-scenes!

Alien3 ADI behind-the-scenes video!

Mega Construx Colonial Marine!

Uncloaked Jungle Hunter Predator!

Cloaked Predator 2!

Predator 2 city hunter!

Black Friday


"If It Bleeds..." Predator hand-numbered print!

Prime1 Alien Big Chap museum art!

"Maternal Instinct" art print!

Lanard Aliens toys!

"Alien Girl" model kit at Monsters in Motion!

$100 off an Aliens Flame Unit from HCG!

$200 off an Alien Covenant statue from HCG!

Rinzler's the Making of Aliens and Alien 40 Years, 40 Artists at Monsters in Motion!

Aliens Colonial Marine Pulse Rifle replica!

Alien V Predator 15th Anniversary Giclee & More


Exclusive giclee from Zavvi!

AvP Predator Deluxe Mask!

Alien Ripley minimal poster!

NECA Kenner Space Marine Drake!

Alien pins at BBTS!

NECA "Kenner" Drake & More


NECA "Kenner" homage Drake!

Pre-order here!

NECA tweets potential movie Drake hint!

NECA Rhino Alien!

Pre-order here!

HIYA Toys Predator figures!

HIYA Toys Predator Jungle Exclusive!

Rinzler's The Making of Aliens!

Prime1 Queen Alien wall art!

Pre-order Aliens Items & More


Fangoria podcasts episodes 17-20 cover Alien history!

52 Toys Alien Megabox!

Alien & Predator socks and more!

NECA NYCC exclusives video review!

Predator Halloween mask!

HIYA Toys Predators!

NECA NYCC Dark Horse Batman vs. Joker Alien video review!

Diamond Select Aliens and Predator items!

Pre-order upcoming Aliens items at Westfield!

NECA NYCC Exclusives & More


James Cameron talks directing Aliens!

NECA Alien Ultimate 40th Anniversary Big Chap!

Eaglemoss Narcissus at Monsters in Motion and Big Bad Toy Store!

Eaglemoss Dropship at Monsters in Motion and Big Bad Toy Store!

NECA Predator figures!

YouTube video review on the failings of The Predator!

Alien 40th Anniversary screening!

Alien MegaBox!

Roger Dicken interview at Propstore!

HIYA Toys Predator and Alien!

Dark Horse Alien vs. Predator: Thicker Than Blood!

WETA mini epic!

Aliens NYCC print!

"Perfect Organism" art print!

Aliens beer stein!

The Loyal Subjects Ellen Ripley!

NECA crossover figures at NYCC!

Limited Edition "Memory" film pins!

NECA NYCC Exclusives & More


NECA has just posted news and info on their NYCC exclusive figures!

Why Alien Remains the Stuff of Nightmares!

Action vinyl Vasquez from The Loyal Subjects!

Predator tiki mug!

Prime1 Big Game Predator statue!

NECA Predator 30th Anniversary set!

Alien ReAction Kane (Bill Gold Poster Color)!

Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay footage!

Lego xenomorph!

HIYA Toys Predator and Alien!

Alien framed print!

Pre-Order Alien framed print!

Alien lithographs!

NECA Sinestro Predator!

Art Prints & More


Aliens and Alien art prints!

Xenomorph vinyl print!

WETA mini epics vinyl figures!

Hiya Toys Predators figures!

HUGE USS Sulaco and Nostromo Coming Soon


Hollywood Collectibles Group recently debuted an in-progress USS Sulaco from Aliens, and fortunately Toy Ark has several pics!

Movie Nerds has a video preview as well, including the Nostromo!

NECA Pre-Orders and More


Alien 40th Anniversary Big Chap 1/4 Scale Figure at Big Bad Toy Store and Monsters in Motion!

Alien Big Chap 7" Ultimate Figure at Big Bad Toy Store and Monsters in Motion!

Alien 3 Ultimate Figure at Big Bad Toy Store and Monsters in Motion!

Alien Resurrection Queen!

Rinzler's The Making of Alien!

WETA Mini Epic


WETA's con exclusive limited edition Xenomorph figure is now available online!

More NECA news from Comic-Con!

ALIENS Motion Tracker prop replica!

APC vehicle!

3 Foot Sulaco, Amazing Big Chap Maquette, & More!


Horror & Monster Collectibles reviews Lil Shop Of Horrors Bill Wieger Alien Big Chap Maquette!

Beesub Aliens warrior prototype!

Predator Hound maquette!

HCG Big Chap!

3 Foot Sulaco!

NECA at Comic-Con & More!


Toy Ark has just posted a fantastic gallery of NECAs Comic-Con booth!

Aliens Queen bust bank!

Aliens at Last Exit to Nowhere!

WETA Mini Epic!

Alien Mega Box!

Comic-Con Alien celebration!

Aliens ACME Archives print!

Aliens Super7 pre-order!

Comic-Con Exclusives & More!


Titan Comic-Con exclusives!

Weta Comic-Con exclusive Xenomorph mini epic!

AvP Xenomorph Arcade Version Arachnoid Alien Action Figure!

MONDO Alien goodies!

Aliens Dust to Dust!

Aliens Resistance!

Behind the Scenes on AvP!

Even More Summer Reading!


Alien Covenant David's Drawings!

30% off William Gibson's The Cold Forge!

Alien Nostromo Kit pre-order!

Alien fine art print!

Summer Reading!


Alien The Blueprints!

Alien The Cold Forge!

The Predator prequel novel!

Artist Proof Mondo posters available!

Alien Nostromo emergency kit!

New Aliens Books and More!


Alien: 40 Years, 40 Artists!

William Gibson's Alien3!

Alien Prototype paperback!

The Predator concept art!

Prime1 Alien head trophy!

NECA AvP Arcade and more!

NECA Lasershot Predator!

NECA Aliens & Predator convention exclusives!

New Fright Rags Aliens & Predator t-shirts!

Mondo Alien Score!


Back in stock at Mondo Tees!

Rare Vasquez model kit for sale!

Weekend Update!


Buzzfeed takes a look at Alien concept art!

AvP Galaxy with an amazing look at Terry Rawlings original Alien script!

Cinephlia & Beyond on Alien!

NECA Alien Resurrection Queen!

NECA Aliens Power Loader!

Aliens board game!

Aliens Queen art print!

Aliens: Hadley's Hope board game!

More info on YouTube here!

Rare Master Replicas ARTIST PROOF for Sale!


A rare artist proof AvP Chestburster Hybrid prop replica is now for sale on eBay!

Alien: Isolation the novel from Titan Books!

Alien: The Blueprints & More!


Alien: The Blueprints coming soon from Titan Books!

NECA Brett!

Target Funko exclusive!

New Titan Alien novels!

A L I E N the role playing game!

Alien: The Blueprints & More!


Alien: The Blueprints coming soon from Titan Books!

NECA Brett!

Target Funko exclusive!

New Titan Alien novels!

A L I E N the role playing game!

Alien Covenant Plush & More!


Alien Covenant Facehugger Egg Phunny Plush!

NECA Predator 7" Golden Angel figure!

WETA Alien "mini epic" pre-order!

More here!


Reebok Alien Stompers Reissue!


For Alien Day here!

Alien Day online fan celebration!

Alien Mini Epics and More!


WETA Alien Mini Epics are coming! (thanks Ryan!)

Monsterpalooza licensed Alien print here!

Predator art here!

Awesome Alien display!

Capcom teases AvP!

New Alien merch!

Alien Day is Coming!


Plenty of new product announcements at the official site!

New licensed prints and merch in the UK at Fanattik!

WETA mini epics!

Diamond Select alien head letter opener!

Dark Horse's Dead Orbit HC!

Dark Ink Art prints and pins!

Aliens Resistance #3 reviewed!

Alien super bucket!

Figma Alien Big Chap!

Alien enamel pin!

Upper Deck Alien expansion!

Alien Egg bottle opener!

Amazing Alien Fan apartment!

Stunning life size alien figure from LeBanni!

Fun stuff at the Fox store!

Jake Busey talks The Predator!

New ReAction Figures and More!


The Predator soundtrack!

NECA figures at Big Bad Toy Store!

NECA Alien 3 creature pack!

"Rambaldi Style" alien head!

Prime1 Cracked Tusk Predator!

Noomi Rapace's Original Role in Alien: Covenant Revealed!

Why Alien is a Timeless Masterpiece!

Dr Alien, PhD: the horror classic that academia loves!

AvP Arcade Hunter Predator Action Figure!

NECA Alien: Resurrection Queen!

NECA Alien: Resurrection Queen!

NECA Predator figures!

Alien Titans mini figures!

New ReAction Figures and More!


Preorder Aliens ReAction figures at Monsters in Motion!

Predator Golden Angel figure!

NECA Resurrection Queen!

Chestburster mugs!

Why I Love Alien!

New Prime1 Predator bust!

Diamond Select Predator figure!

New Action Figure Releases and More!


Abandoned Alien vs. Predator football video game concept!

Alien 40th Anniversary short films!

New Hiya Toys Predator figure!

Rare model kits for sale at Monsters in Motion including an Alien3 Dog Burster, a classic Alien Xenomorph, a Billikin Predator! a vision models Predator, and more!

Fun Lego Nostromo!

Reflections on Alien!

Amazing Alien & Predator collection!

NECA Alien & Predator classics!

Funko Alien Vnyl!

New Month, New Update


Predator tiki mugs!

Making the Alien: Isolation digital series!

Tom Skerritt talks Alien at 40!

4K Alien Blu-ray!

Alien: Covenant alternate takes!

NECA Predator Emissary!

Alien & Predator merch at Toy Fair!

NECA Alien figures!

NECA foam Space Jockey!

13" Sulaco Model kit at Monsters in Motion!

Alien & Predator 6" Classics at Monsters in Motion!

"King Size" Alien Sofubi from Medicom!

Narcissus model kit at Monsters in Motion!

Xeno Pin & More


Xenomorph pin!

Acid Blood variant!

NECA Predator Armored Assasin!

NECA Predator Ultimate Fugitive!

Alien author Alan Dean Foster interview!

Prometheus Hero Hoodie & More


Prometheus Hero Hoodie!

ALIEN Ripley Hero Hoodie!

NECA Alien 3 Creature Pack!

NECA Alien Resurrection set!

NECA Alien Resurrection Warrior!

Aliens Series 13 photo shoot!

Dark Horse Aliens Rescue!

NECA Predator Emissary!

NECA Predator Fugitive Lab Escape!

Funko Alien figures!

NECA Predator Figures!

Huge Product Update & More


Funko Alien 40th Xenomorph & Ripley with Tracker Vynl!

Funko Alien 40th Xenomorph Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Funko Alien 40th Ripley in Spacesuit Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Funko Alien 40th Xenomorph Pocket Pop! Key Chain!

Prodos Games AvP Expansion!

NECA Predator Ultimate Golden Angel 7-Inch Scale Action Figure!

Super7 Aliens 18-Inch Alien Warrior Bronze Action Figure!

New Alien statues!

HIYA Toys Alien Covenant Figures!

Aliens 3D Wall Art!

NECA Alien Resurrection Newborn!

A L I E N Steelbook & More


Alien 4K UHD steelbook!

StudioADI AvP behind the scenes!

Dennis Skotak interview!

Aliens comic art commission!

Memory: Origins of Alien Reviewed!


At Bloody Disgusting here!

At Grit Daily here!

NECA Assassin USA Today!

The Wrap!

The Film Stage!

Slash film!

Predator 2 Blind Box Figures & more!


Including Keyes, Harrigan, and King Willie!

Alien: Blackout on mobile!

NECA Assassin Predator!

More here!

Pre-order here!

NECA Alien: Resurrection and more here!

Fox theme park drama!

Mondo free pin with t-shirt promotion!

Making of Alien "Memory" review!

The Predator Bonus Features & more!


Collider checks out The Predator's Blu-ray bonus features!

Aliens Resistance Sneak Peak!

Space Jockey resin kit!

Cool, clear 1:4 scale alien head!

The Making of Alien at Monsters in Motion!

Horror Corner Xenomorph pins!

Glow-in-the-Dark Queen Titan!

New Aliens Board Game & more!


New details on Gale Force 9's Aliens board game!

Alien 3 issue 3!

Aliens theme live!

ADI sculpting the fugitive Predator!

Fun Benedict Woodhead alternative Alien art print!

AvP Galaxy with a review roundup for ALIEN: Blackout!

New ALIEN documentary & more!


New documentary on the making of ALIEN!

More info on the mobile game ALIEN: Blackout!

NECA Bad Blood Predator photo shoot!

LEGO Aliens queen!

New Funko Xenomorph exclusive!

Sideshow Alien Mythos bust!

Aliens: Hadley's Hope board game!

NECA Kenner Drake Tribute & More


NECA teases Kenner Drake tribute figure, Thermal Vision Predator, and more!

$5 Funko Rock Candy Ellen Ripley!

Amazing NECA Aliens visual guide hi-res download!

Thermal Video Predator first look!

NECA teases Resurrection Ripley!

Holiday Update


Infinite Earths reviews Dark Horses's Alien 3 issue 2!

ADI shares a behind-the-scenes look at the Predator's menagerie!

AvP Galaxy shares concept art from the Predator!

Video review of Cool Props 1:3 scale Giger Alien maquette!

NECA Predator Bad Blood vs. The Enforcer 7" 2-pack!

ALIEN: Covenant concept art!

Casey Callendar Predator art print!

Weekend Update


$75 off HCG Chestburster with code "Chestburst 10"!

Sideshow "Mythos" maquette!

Prime1 Scorpion Alien!

NECA Space Jockey!

Predator art print!

ADI Emissary Predator concepts!

Weekend Update


NECA Machiko video review!

Amazing Cool Props Predator busts!

Alien Titans Nostromo figures!

Johnnie Christmas talks adapting Alien 3!

Predator FX crew reunion!

XM Studios stunning Predator collectible!

Ahriman Burke & Facehugger anime art!

Cool Props 1:3 Alien Warrior statue!

Video here!

Sideshow Scorpion Alien!

Aliens: Dead Orbit hardcover!

Cool Props Aliens Queen maquette!

More Cool Props reveals on Instagram here!

Black Friday


Prime 1 Studio Scorpion Alien and Cracked Tusk Predator statues here!

1:4 scale Fugitive Predator here!

Making Alien documentary!

NERF Sentry Gun replica!

LEGO Dropship!

Hiya Toys & More


Several new HIYA Toys Alien and Predator figures available for pre-order!

New Alien Mondo Print & More


Xenomorph enamel pin!

Alien Queen vinyl figure!

NECA Ultimate Aliens Warrior figure!

Eaglemoss Dropship!

Mondo Florian Bertmer Alien poster!

Amazing Alien3 ADI maquette!

Incredible Nostromo animation!

LEGO Style The Predator Sets & More


The Predator Lego Style helicopter set!

The Predator Lego Style M18 Vehicle!

The Predator China posters!

New NECA Predator figures!

NECA Predator Series 18 & More


Machiko and more!

NECA Emissary Predator!

Super7 Nostromo 3 Pack!

Hiya Toys Colonial Marines!

NECA Fugitive Predator review!

Alternative Alien poster!

Bob Burns' Burbank Alien Halloween!

Predator 2 Print & More


Bottleneck Gallery Matt Ferguson Predator 2 print!

Rare Alien Xenomorph model kit here!

Exclusive "Jonesy" toy at NYCC!

Alien3 "I Was There!"

Emissary Predators cut from the Predator!

More New Prime1 Offerings


Prime 1 Fugitive Predator!

Video here!

"Rambaldi Style" Alien head!

Sideshow "Mythos" Alien!

SH Monsterarts Big Chap here!

Predator at Big Bad Toy Store!

The Making of Alien: Resurrection for PS One!

Dark Horse's William Gibson's Alien 3 contest from Johnnie Christmas!

New NECA & Prime1 Offerings


NECA Ultimate Alien Warriors packaging reveals!

Prime 1 Alien wall art!

Fugitive Predator Shuriken bust!

Cracked Tusk Predator!

Xenomorph Big Chap wall art!

Fugitive Predator statue!

Eaglemoss Alien Warrant Officer Ripley!

NECA Predators figures and more!

Midweek Updates


The Predator original ending!

Spanish Alien Collectors Blu ray!

A history of Drak Horse's Predator universe!

Top 10 NECA Predator figures!

NECA Rick Hawkins figure review!

Predator anime!

Ripley Queen Tron battle!

Sideshow Alien Big Chap statue!

Alien & Predator Lego movie figures!

Predator foam replica bust!

Predator bone paint model!

New Alien Documentary & More


New making of Alien documentary, Memory the Origins of Alien!

Amazing XM Studios Alien Diorama!

One Ugly Mother Predator retrospective!

Maefex Alien!

Alien foam Space Jockey replica!

Hiya Toys Predator, Covenant & more!

The Predator Fugitive figure bust!

Alien Big Chap bust!

William Gibson's Alien 3 & More


Pre-order William Gibson's Alien 3 here!

A cool history of unproduced Alien figures!

Sideshow Alien Big Chap!

ADI shares some behind the scenes on Alien 3!

Prodos Dropship!

Aliens egg replica!

Johnnie Christmas teases Alien 3!

AvP Galaxy with The Predator coverage!

The Predator figure bust preview!

More new Eaglemoss Alien figures!

New Fright Rags T-Shirts


Some great new Alien and Aliens shirts from Fright Rags!

Prime1 Predator bust!

Cool Props @ Comic-Con


Cool Props Comic-Con report!

Amazing Alien collection display!

How Alien: Isolation's retro space station was built with fear in mind!

Michael Biehn Far Cry 3!

Predator 2 behind the scenes!

Alien Facehugger Q-Fig!

Alien: Origins The Real Name for the Xenomorph Explained!

Alien: Covenant Neomorph life-sized head!

Prime 1 Xenomorph!

Alien: Theory YouTube Channel!

Rare Aliens Kaiyodo kit!

Back at Big Bad Toy Store: NECA Queen and Predator

Coming soon from Cool Props!

Vance Kelly art print!

Predator glow pin!

Xenomorphus Rex model kit at Monsters in Motion!

NECA Wall Mounted Foam Replicas


NECA foam replicas at Big Bad Toy Store here!

Xenomorph bust here!

Predator Predator here!

Prime1 Alien 3 exhibit! Thanks Marco!

Predator 4k Ultra review roundup!

Papercraft Alien models at Jim Smash!

Alien Madballs & More


Xenomorph Madballs at Big Bad Toy Store!

Ultimate 7" Fugitive Predator!

Eaglemoss Powerloader!

Pixel Dan video coverage of NECA at Comic-Con!

This Eviscerated Bishop really ties the room together!

NYCC ReAction Queen figure!

Comic-Con Hawkins Figure & More


NECA CHIA Predator!

Hot Toys The Predator!

NECA Kenner Drake and more!

AvP Galaxy covers The Predator at Comic-Con!

Stunning Hollywood Collectibles lifesize Alien Big Chap!

Hollywood Collectibles Nostromo!

More coverage of The Predator at Comic-Con!

And more The Predator at Comic-Con!

Comic-Con Hawkins Figure & More


ToyArk has an impressive photo gallery featuring NECA's Comic-Con Hawkins figure!

ALIENS: Colonial Marines xenos get a lot smarter by fixing one misspelling!

How a Typo Screwed Up One Of History's Worst Video Games!

ALIENS: Colonial Marines What Went Wrong?

Figma Predator 2!

The Predator making of and art book!

The Predator Ultimate Fugitive figure!

Q-Fig "Free Hugs" Facehugger!

Nerdist takes a look at NECA's Hawkins SDCC exclusive!

Mamegyorai 1:3 & More


Stunning 1:3 scale Mamegyorai Big Chap statue!

The Secret History of William Gibson's Alien III script!

A visit to Alien: Covenant's Odd Studio!

Dark Horse adapting Willam Gibson's Alien III!

More here!

And here!

And here!

The Predator Funko Pop! selection!

Alien: Covenant Bust Bank & More


Alien Covenant bust bank at Monsters in Motion!

Sideshow Alien Egg statue!

More Alien at Big Bad Toy Store!

Alien goodies at Think Geek!

Amazing Aliens prints!

Aliens skull prop replica!

Alien Chestburster replica!

Aliens "Game Over" Titans!

Fun Aliens t-shirt!

Alien Megabox & More


Alien Warrior megabox at Big Bad Toy Store!

Empire's Predator cover!

A fun look at Alien: Resurrection on set arcade game!

Big Aliens Queen statue!

NECA Ultimate Fugitive Predator figure!

AvP Galaxy takes a look at Bad Blood Predators!

Obsidian director talks cancelled rpg game!

Awesome alien collection!

Archer meets Alien!

Alien props fetch big bucks!

New "The Predator" images released!

AvP Galaxy on Empire's "The Predator" coverage!

James Cameron Talks Sci-Fi & More


James Cameron answers sci-fi questions!

New Predator figures at Big Bad Toy Store!

Fox Alien short film competition!

Predator Jungle Hunter statue!

NECA Ultimate Fugitive Predator figure!

The Rundown with Bill Duke and The Predator footage!

The Predator Coming to Comic-Con & More


The Predator to invade Comic-Con!

Bill Sienkiewicz Dog Alien art!

Eaglemoss Alien Predator Tusk Xenomorph from AVP Statue with Collector Magazine #40!

Archer meets Alien!

ADI on Aliens!

Alien props sell for big bucks!

A Tiger in the Office: How Alien Isolation's Xenomorph Took Shape.

Burke and more from Eaglemoss!

Hero Complex Gallery Aliens Print & More


Hero Complex Gallery has two new Aliens art prints available here and a "Blacklight Variant" here!

The First Action Heroine!

Better quality The Predator trailer!

MONDO Alien vinyl soundtrack!

Unboxing the above!

Weekend Update & More


Figma Predator Takayuki Takeya Version Action Figure!

Additional photos!

New "The Predator" trailer!

AvP behind-the-scenes!

"Facehugger Rick" Funko Pop!

USS Sulaco art print collection!

Alien pin set!

Predator behind-the-scenes!

Predator throne action figure accessory!

Gale Force Nine Aliens board game!

"8 Bit Horror" Funko Pop!

NECA Hawkins Figure & More


NECA San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Predator Hawkins figure!

"Superior Firepower" Pulse Rifle pin!

Xenomorph molded pin!

Aliens vs. Predator Medicom limited edition!

Alien Chestburster from Palisades!

Predator mini-bust from Palisades!

Amazing Powerloader cosplay!

AvP Galaxy with the latest from Prodos Games!

Eaglemoss Dr. Gediman from Alien: Resurrection!

The Predator set visit with Shane Black!

Big Update & More


60 things to know about The Predator!

Alien letter opener!

Predator steelbook releases!

Alien ring collection! NECA Series 11 blue Alien Warrior!

The Predator deluxe figure!

Alien Ratfink t-shirt!

Visiting the set of The Predator!

Rare Xenomorphus Rez model kit!

Alien video retrospective!

The Alien Legacy video!

Cool Props contest winners!

Hiya Predators & More


New Hiya Toys Predator figures at Big Bad Toy Store!

AV Club on Alien3!

Shane Black on The Predator!

Visiting the set of The Predator! Veronica Cartwright talks Alien!

Aliens Ripley Rock Candy figure!

Rare Kaiyodo Aliens 1:9 scale kit!

Alien Titans!

New Dark Horse Predator comics!

Entertainment Weekly has a preview of Cameron concept art!

Alien funny breakdown!

Alien Megabox & More


Alien Megabox figure!

Hiya Toys Alien Covenant figures!

Ripley art print!

NECA Alien: Resurrection figures in 2019!

Aliens' Original SFX Artists Helped Sideshow Create the Most Accurate Alien Queen Collectible Ever!

Win Alien Stompers!

Kane's Funeral diorama!

Alien Covenant Statue & More


Hollywood Collectibles Alien Covenant Xenomorph 1:4 Scale Statue!

Also available at Entertainment Earth!

Lifesize Facehugger limited edition!

Aliens: Dust to Dust review round up!

Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo!

Aliens flame unit replica!

Mondotees Nostromo helmet pin!

Fun A L I E N: Garbage Day video!

Alien Day 2018


"Jonesy" book coming from Titan Books!

Eaglemoss facehugger!

New "David 8" art book!

AvP Galaxy Alien Day coverage!

New CA Games game!

Alien pin pals!

Alien Day podcast and t-shirts!

Podcast release schedule!

Super7 exclusive!

The Predator trailer information!

Alien 3 soundtrack from LaLaLand!

Alien Video Game POP exclusive!

Dark Horse teases something new!

Dark Horse Essential Aliens!

BeastWreck Alien merch!

Think Geek sweepstakes!

Last Exit to Nowhere Alien shirts and more!

Alien Day Preview


New BeastWreck goodies on sale tonight at midnight!

Dark Horse Alien Day mega bundle!

Alien TBT trailer!

Mondo Alien Day offerings!

Aliens: Dust to Dust review 1!

Aliens: Dust to Dust review 2!

Aliens: Dust to Dust trailer!

Fright Rags costume!

SH MonsterArts Big Chap at Entertainment Earth!

SuperFans Group Alien Wall Sculpture!

Predator Glow in the Dark Dorbz!

Cool pins from theater of creeps!

Alien Day Sale at Hollywood Collectibles!

Eaglemoss Alien Day Sweepstakes


Join the Eaglemoss Alien Day Ultimate Giveaway and win one of over 200 prizes!

AvP Whoever Wins Collection Display Case!

Aliens 36" Alien Skull Prop Replica!

Unique Alien custom art toy!

Alien Descent VR Experience


Vulture Beat takes a look at A L I E N: Descent!

LaLa Land Records teases Alien Day release!

Alien Offworld Colony Simulator!

Alien action figure dioramas!

New Eaglemoss Alien figures including Resurrection Ripley!

More on the Alien Descent VR Experience!

Eaglemoss Sulaco


New Aliens Hive wall sculpture!

Eaglemoss Sulaco!

Prime 1 Studios dog alien!

Alien Day exclusive t-shirts with free comic at Fox!

Alien the board game!

Lego Alien Alien Day preview video!

Make an Aliens Facehugger stasis tube!

Prime 1 Studios dog alien at WonderFestival!

Fright Rags A L I E N Ben Cooper mini mask!

More on A L I E N the board game!

Alien Warrior Kigurumi Onesie


Alien Kigurumi onesie!

More on Blomkamp and Alien 5 at JoBlo!

Aliens shotglasses!

Aliens: Dust to Dust cover preview!

Alien Day is back!

Fun Aliens-themed Lego animation!

Aliens Action Vinyls & More


Aliens Action Vinyls at Big Bad Toy Store!

Blomkamp on Alien 5!

18" Retro Style Aliens Warrior figure in black, green, and prototype colorways!

Stan Winston School student spotlight!

Figma Alien coverage at Toy Ark!

NECA Alien series 13 at EE!

Sideshow Aliens Queen maquette!

Alien 3 "I was there!"

Predator Exclusive Dorbz & More


Exclusive "Glow in the Dark" Predator Dorbz at Entertainment Earth! of their upcoming Alien figure!

Alien: Covenant 2 CD soundtrack!

"Kane's Funeral" model kit!

YouTube video exploring the Space Jockey's origins!

Figma Alien pre-order!

Eaglemoss Alien Day Sweepstakes


Eaglemoss is giving away over 200 Alien and Predator prizes as part of their official Alien Day celebration! Click here for more info!

Aliens Dust to Dust preview!

Hiya Toys Predator 2 figure review!

Infinite Earth's talks to Aliens: Dust to Dust artist Gabriel Hardman!

Weekend Update


The Art & Making of The Predator!

Aliens Egg cookie jar!

Alien Egg salt and pepper shaker!

Audio interview with Carrie Henn, Ricco Ross, and Jenette Goldstein!

Hollywood Collectibles Group Queen Wall Sculpture


Available at HCG and The Big Bad Toy Store!

Aliens: Dead Orbit trade paperback!

Weaver & Paxton talk Aliens!

Aliens 30th Anniversary at Comic-Con!

Alternate Alien: Covenant prologue at Screenrant!

Monster Legacy looks at Alien: Covenant here and here!

Why Alien: Isolation Is One Of The Best Alien Sequels.

Just in time for Easter!

Revamped Super7 webstore!

New Super7 Blind Box Assortment


Super7 has just released Series 2 of their Alien Blind Box assortment!

Alien: the Cold Forge!

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on The Art & Making of The Predator!

Original Dog Alien on display at Fox!

Alien Egg light up statue!

Eaglemoss Aliens Warrior Statue


Eaglemoss Mega Xenomorph Warrior and more at Big Bad Toy Store!

Resin Realities Giger Alien kit!

Hiya Toys City Hunter & Guardian figure reviews!

Alien: Covenant "flashback" visual effects sequence!



Alien: Covenant set construction timelapse!

Alan Ladd, Jr. talks Alien and more!

Alien: Covenant visual fx breakdown!

Alien: Covenant behind the scenes!

Super 7 Alien goodies at Toy Fair!

Original Aliens Warrior costume!

How Alien changes the way Hollywood scares us!

Lifesize Alien: Covenant Warrior


New NECA Alien & Predator figures at Big Bad Toy Store!

More here!

New "The Predator" movie figure at Monsters in Motion!

Predator 2 Golden Elder Predator figure!

Section 9 lifesize Alien: Covenant warrior!

NECA Predator two pack!

Aliens Goodies


Free shipping on NECA Predator 2-Pack!

New Mamegyorai Alien statue!

Alien the Blueprints!

New Aliens Board Game


Looks like there's a new Aliens board game in the works! (thanks Bucks 23!)

Alien: Covenant Funko POPS on sale!

Toy Fair 2018


AvP Galaxy has some great pics from this year's Toy Fair!

Super 7 & More at Toy Fair


Super7 Halloween bucket!

New ReAction Nostromo crew figures!

Alien MUSCLE thingies!

Figma Alien Warrior!

Figma Predator!

Pixel Dan NECA Toy Fair Walkthrough! (Aliens around 12:45 mark)

Lootcrate Bishop Figures


Lootcrate's exclusive "Queen Takes Bishop" figure is now on sale!

Hiya Toys at Entertainment Earth!

Superfans Group Alien Wall Sculpture!

Alec Gillis has posted a unique look at Bishop from Alien 3 on instagram!

Weekend Update


Ridley Scott's Alien Nothing Is as Terrifying as the Fear of the Unknown!

Alien pancakes!

Amazing Nostromo model!

Tom Woodruff, Jr. and the Alien Queen!

Extended Prometheus opening scene!

Mid-week Update


Alien transmission deleted scene!

Animated alien fan film!

Alien: Covenant video review from CinemaForCynics! (language nsfw)

Nostromo crew t-shirt!

Sideshow Alien egg statue!

Alien busts and more at Big Bad Toy Store!

Alien: Covenant Xenomorph bust bank!

Alien facehugger mug!

Pre-order Alien items at Westfield Comics!

Chestburster Replica


New Alien print available Thursday (thanks Ryan!)

New HCG chestburster statue!

Alien skull foam prop replica!

Amazing Nostromo T-Shirt Replica


A good friend of the site has an amazing replica Nostromo t-shirt for sale:

Click here to let him know if you're interested!

New Coolprops Queen Maquette


Cool Props Queen Maquette here! More versions at their site here!

Eaglemoss Yutani Commando!

Kenner Alien Tribute Poster & More


Cool "Kenner Tribute" poster!

New Alien video game in the works!

Dark Horse Aliens: Dust to Dust!

Alien Xenomorph Blood Splattered 8-Bit Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Sideshow Jungle Hunter Predator!

APC Model & More


High quality replacement wheels for Halcyon's APC!

Podcast interview Interview with Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. of Amalgamated Dynamics!

ADI Newborn maquette!

Aliens the musical!

Galactic Resin APC model kit!

Eaglemoss Bull & Gorilla 2-Pack & More


Eaglemoss Bull & Gorilla figures at Entertainment Earth!

Creating monsters for Alien: Covenant!

Inside the USS Sulcao!

Alien: Covenant behind the scenes!

Seeing the 60s and 70s through Alien and 2001!

Nerdist looks at Alien blood science!

Cool Props lifesize Alien head!

Carlo Rambaldi interview!

6 Things Alien Franchise Characters Do That Get Them Killed!

A L I E N deleted scenese!

New Eaglemoss Figures & More


More new Eaglemoss figures at Big Bad Toy Store!

Fun "alternate reality" Alien kids books!

Aliens motion poster!

Aliens-themed planet coaster!

ReAction figures at Super7!

Designing Alien!

Hell Frozen Over


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John McTiernan Predator art prints at HCG!

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A L I E N the blueprints!

MONDO Predator print from artist MC Winters!

Predator & John McTiernan retrospective!

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