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New Super7 Blind Box Assortment


Super7 has just released Series 2 of their Alien Blind Box assortment!

Alien: the Cold Forge!

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on The Art & Making of The Predator!

Original Dog Alien on display at Fox!

Alien Egg light up statue!

Eaglemoss Aliens Warrior Statue


Eaglemoss Mega Xenomorph Warrior and more at Big Bad Toy Store!

Resin Realities Giger Alien kit!

Hiya Toys City Hunter & Guardian figure reviews!

Alien: Covenant "flashback" visual effects sequence!



Alien: Covenant set construction timelapse!

Alan Ladd, Jr. talks Alien and more!

Alien: Covenant visual fx breakdown!

Alien: Covenant behind the scenes!

Super 7 Alien goodies at Toy Fair!

Original Aliens Warrior costume!

How Alien changes the way Hollywood scares us!

Lifesize Alien: Covenant Warrior


New NECA Alien & Predator figures at Big Bad Toy Store!

More here!

New "The Predator" movie figure at Monsters in Motion!

Predator 2 Golden Elder Predator figure!

Section 9 lifesize Alien: Covenant warrior!

NECA Predator two pack!

Aliens Goodies


Free shipping on NECA Predator 2-Pack!

New Mamegyorai Alien statue!

Alien the Blueprints!

New Aliens Board Game


Looks like there's a new Aliens board game in the works! (thanks Bucks 23!)

Alien: Covenant Funko POPS on sale!

Toy Fair 2018


AvP Galaxy has some great pics from this year's Toy Fair!

Super 7 & More at Toy Fair


Super7 Halloween bucket!

New ReAction Nostromo crew figures!

Alien MUSCLE thingies!

Figma Alien Warrior!

Figma Predator!

Pixel Dan NECA Toy Fair Walkthrough! (Aliens around 12:45 mark)

Lootcrate Bishop Figures


Lootcrate's exclusive "Queen Takes Bishop" figure is now on sale!

Hiya Toys at Entertainment Earth!

Superfans Group Alien Wall Sculpture!

Alec Gillis has posted a unique look at Bishop from Alien 3 on instagram!

Weekend Update


Ridley Scott's Alien Nothing Is as Terrifying as the Fear of the Unknown!

Alien pancakes!

Amazing Nostromo model!

Tom Woodruff, Jr. and the Alien Queen!

Extended Prometheus opening scene!

Mid-week Update


Alien transmission deleted scene!

Animated alien fan film!

Alien: Covenant video review from CinemaForCynics! (language nsfw)

Nostromo crew t-shirt!

Sideshow Alien egg statue!

Alien busts and more at Big Bad Toy Store!

Alien: Covenant Xenomorph bust bank!

Alien facehugger mug!

Pre-order Alien items at Westfield Comics!

Chestburster Replica


New Alien print available Thursday (thanks Ryan!)

New HCG chestburster statue!

Alien skull foam prop replica!

Amazing Nostromo T-Shirt Replica


A good friend of the site has an amazing replica Nostromo t-shirt for sale:

Click here to let him know if you're interested!

New Coolprops Queen Maquette


Cool Props Queen Maquette here! More versions at their site here!

Eaglemoss Yutani Commando!

Kenner Alien Tribute Poster & More


Cool "Kenner Tribute" poster!

New Alien video game in the works!

Dark Horse Aliens: Dust to Dust!

Alien Xenomorph Blood Splattered 8-Bit Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Sideshow Jungle Hunter Predator!

APC Model & More


High quality replacement wheels for Halcyon's APC!

Podcast interview Interview with Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. of Amalgamated Dynamics!

ADI Newborn maquette!

Aliens the musical!

Galactic Resin APC model kit!

Eaglemoss Bull & Gorilla 2-Pack & More


Eaglemoss Bull & Gorilla figures at Entertainment Earth!

Creating monsters for Alien: Covenant!

Inside the USS Sulcao!

Alien: Covenant behind the scenes!

Seeing the 60s and 70s through Alien and 2001!

Nerdist looks at Alien blood science!

Cool Props lifesize Alien head!

Carlo Rambaldi interview!

6 Things Alien Franchise Characters Do That Get Them Killed!

A L I E N deleted scenese!

New Eaglemoss Figures & More


More new Eaglemoss figures at Big Bad Toy Store!

Fun "alternate reality" Alien kids books!

Aliens motion poster!

Aliens-themed planet coaster!

ReAction figures at Super7!

Designing Alien!

Hell Frozen Over


Since this main page was getting too long to the point of absurdity, we finally decided to stop being lazy and move all the older news to an archive section here!

John McTiernan Predator art prints at HCG!

Preorder Eaglemoss' Aliens Ripley and more here!

Sign up for Studio ADI's newsletter here!

A L I E N the blueprints!

MONDO Predator print from artist MC Winters!

Predator & John McTiernan retrospective!

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