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Replacement Kenner Action Figure Inner Jaws

Resin inner mouth replacements for Kenner's 1979 18" ALIEN doll available from EFP. These pieces are specially made for the collector as they are cast off original parts from a Kenner ALIEN doll, no cheap substitutions or copies. Each is cast in either white or cream colored resin, and are available in either kit form, or fully finished. More photos available.

Kit form: straight from the molds, needs to be trimmed, sanded, and touched up. Comes with diagram and assembly instructions. Note: Not for beginners, due to the limited run molds used by the manufacturer, the kit versions are suggested for modelers expirienced in using resin.


Completed: Already sanded, trimmed, ect. Ready to be inserted into the alien. Pre-painted. Paint options include Bright silver, Aluminum, White/silver (like in the movie, for realism) and Steel. Please specify.


Custom: EFP will custom paint and finish mouth sets for the collector who wants a more individual finish to their inner jaws.


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Above left photo is the lower jaw piece finished in bright silver, photo on the right is an upper jaw piece in the white/silver finish.

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