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For those who would like to know what Alien War was all about, here is a brief background


In 1992, Gary Gillies and John Gorman  had an idea after watching a double-bill of Alien/Aliens at a local cinema, "Wouldn't it be a great idea to be somehow taken right out of your armchair and into the movie for 15 minutes?"


Well, that's what Alien War is all about ! For 15 minutes of sheer terror you are taken around in a group, on foot, by a marine. He is armed and will open fire and try to protect you and the other members of your group inside a maze of corridors, med.labs, lift systems, dark smokey tunnels etc.... and in that darkness is an 8ft Alien !  Just like being in the movie, so real that in fact we have had many casualties fainting, having fits and some people actually wetting themselves in sheer terror !






Alien War opened in "The Arches", Glasgow, Scotland in 1992, and was such a success throughout the world that "Time" magazine did a full page color feature. CBS TV, CNN, the BBC, ITV, "Big Breakfast", Channel 4 and all the major papers and magazines ran features on Alien War.




The Mobile Unit of Alien War was recently used for a new "Aliens" documentary that is being made by "Nobles Gate" for Channel 4 here in the UK.

The documentary will be an in depth look at all four movies with interviews from Sigourney, Giger, Ridley Scott and more, right through to even Carrie Henn ("Newt")

Mark Kermode is the man linking up the documentary . His part programmes have been excellent including "The Exorcist", "Blade Runner", "Clockwork Orange" etc. Now he has his "Alien" teeth into this! Look for it in September, also on DVD.

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