Dedicated to all those who created the Alien universe and all those who enjoy it, welcome to an ever expanding list of merchandise and collectibles from the Alien films.

So what is this place? A store? A catalog? Where can I get...?

Well, sorry to say the site itself is not a catalog that you can order from - don't we wish it was! Think of it more like a reference library or resource guide for collectors and all who are interested. People constantly ask us how much of this stuff is for sale, or if they can purchase something directly from the site. Well, while we'd would love nothing more than to turn into a store, it's currently impractical. Don't worry though, if you see anything you like in here, even a 1979 Kenner Alien, we've got a shop page where you can order hundreds of the Alien goodies shown within! For those really rare, one of a kind items that are extremely hard to find, contact us, and we'll do our best. You can also get the latest Aliens related news is to join our mailing list where we'll keep you informed of all sorts of new and upcoming items, as well as unique and special offers.

As the Alien universe continues to expand so does this collection, and it will always be under construction. Therefore, we can sure use all the help we can get. Please, please feel free to contribute ANY info you may have to this site, as we want to see YOU on the credits page!

Look around and enjoy - this site is for you!

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