Here you will find some of the many models, garage kits, prop replicas and other assorted goodies constructed for and inspired by the Alien legacy. There has been a flood of new kits coming in from several Japanese companies like Tsukuda Hobby and Fewture. A fantastic selection of unique garage kits has emerged from the UK and other parts of Europe, as well as American suppliers. Hopefully as the modeling and garage kit industry continues to grow, this will be just the beginning of what's to come! This page will always be under construction and I'm always looking for more pics to put up, so if you got 'em, send 'em in!

Licensed Model Kits

Original Alien model kit

1999 re-issue of above

Tsukuda Hobby
Alien Warrior "Jumbo Figure Series" (similar to Kenner's original figure)
additional pic of above
Rereleased and repackaged versions of several of the original Halcyon kits

Alien vs. Predator Vinyl Model Kit

Dark Horse
Alien Warrior Model Kit (Randy Bowen sculpt)
Alien 3 Warrior Model Kit (Bill Merklein sculpt)

Copy of Original Alien kit RARE (copy of original MPC kit in large box with two kits inside)
Alien Warrior Model Kit (S. Yamashita sculpt)
Alien Warrior Model Kit (Alien IV Giger version)
Alien Queen Model Kit
Alien Warrior Model Kit (deformed)

Fewture Models
Alien Resurrection Alien Warrior (Takayuki Takeya sculpt)
Alien Resurrection Newborn (Yuji Oniki sculpt)
Alien Pile

AEF Designs
Aliens miniature figures
AC-1 Ripley in combat pose
AC-1b Ripley in escape pose
AC-2 Newt
AC-3 Bishop in combat/escape pose with laptop
AC-3b Bishop torn apart
AC-4 Burke
AC-5 Mr. Jordan (Newt's Dad) with egg (only in collector box set)

AC-6 Mrs. Jordan (Newt's Mom) (only in collector box set)

AC-7 Timmy (Newt's brother) with chair (only in collector box set)

AM-1 Corporal Hicks with shotgun
AM-2 Smart Gunner Drake
AM-3 Private Frost
AM-4 Medic Dietrich
AM-5 Seargent Apone with binoculars
AM-6a Vasquez with pulse rifle
AM-6 Smart Gunner Vasquez
AM-7 Private Hudson
AM-8 Private Wierzbowski
AM-9 Private Crowe
AM-10 Lt. Gorman with chair
AM-11 Pilot Ferro with dropship ejection seat
AM-12 Co-Pilot Spunkmeyer with dropship ejection seat
AV-1 Powerloader
AX-1 Warrior A inverted
AX-2 Warrior B grasping
AX-3 Warrior C kneeling
AX-4 Warrior D fetal
AX-5 Egg assortment with 5 different eggs
AX-5b Egg assortment closed with 5 closed eggs
AX-6 Facehuggers and Chestbursers
AX-7 Alien Queen
AX-8 Queen Egg Chamber (Queen is different from AX-7)
AE-1 Completion kit with M41A Pulse rifle
AE-2 Completion kit with Flamethrower
AE-3 Completion kit with Smartgun
ME-1 Equipment Kit #1 Helmets, Light, Welder, Motion Tracker, Pulse Rifle, Pistol, Pouches
ME-2 Equipment Kit #2 Helmets, Light, Welder, Motion Tracker, Flamethrower, Pistol, Pouches, Knife
ME-3 Equipment Kit #3 Helmets, Light, Welder, Motion Tracker, Pistol, Pouches, Knife
Nostromo (rare)
Nostromo (boxed)
Nostromo Instruction Sheet 1
Nostromo Instruction Sheet 2
Nostromo Instruction Sheet 3
Nostromo Instruction Sheet 4
Nostromo Instruction Sheet 5
Nostromo Instruction Sheet 6
Nostromo Instruction Sheet 7
Promotional brochure (front)
Promotional brochure
Promotional brochure (back)

Geometric Designs
Alien Warrior (Aliens)
Alien Warrior base
Alien Warrior diorama base
Lt. Ellen Ripley (Aliens) with base (Ltd. Ed of 20)
Lt. Ellen Ripley (Aliens)
Ripley customizing kit #1

Dropship (HALO2)
Power Loader with Ripley (HAL03)
Alien Warrior with Base and Egg (HALO4)
Narcissus (HAL10)
Alien Creature (HAL11)
USS Sulaco (HAL12)
Attacking Alien with Base (HAL14)
Alien Warrior (HT01)
Face Hugger (HT02)
Nostromo (HT03)
Space Jockey (HT04)
Alien Queen (HT 05)
Face Hugger with Queen Alien Fetus (HT06)
Dog Burster (HT07)
Chestburster (HT20)
Alien Queen Chestburster (HT21)

Prepainted Statues

Alien Warrior
Alien Warrior B

Alien Warrior Bust
Alien Queen Bust
Alien Queen Bust (boxed)
Chestburster Bust
Alien Warrior Statue
Space Jockey Diorama
Alien Egg
"Aliens" Alien Warrior Bust
Facehugger with Victim Bust

Sideshow Collectibles
Giger's Alien Miniature Autographed Bust (w/ Hollywood Collectors Gallery)
Alien Head 1:1
Aliens Queen Alien 1/4 Scale Bust
Aliens Alien Warrior 1:1 Bust

"The Alien" Alien Warrior
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6
Pic 7

AvP Prepainted Statue
AvP Scar Predator ArtFX Statue
AvP Warrior Alien ArtFX Statue

Custom Action Figures

EVA Models
USCM Rifleman kit for 12" action figures (Chris Chulamanis sculpt)

Space Marine
Fully painted and assembled armor for 12" action figures (John Lindsey sculpt)

Colonial Marine
One of a kind custom Colonial Marine GI Joe conversion (Jimbob-Wan sculpt)

Nemesis World
One of a kind custom Private Hudson figure complete with box art (Gary Anderson sculpt)

Corporal Hicks (Germany)
Custom Corporal Hicks GI Joe conversion

Custom Vehicles

Radio Control APC
Scratch Built RC APC with working lights and rail gun (Robert Haverfield sculpt)

Prop Replicas

Marco Enterprises
M41A Pulse Rifle
Smart Gun Clip
Locator Set

SD Studios
M41A Pulse Rifle (limited edition fabricated from plastic and metal parts)
Pic 1 (credit Frank Cerney collection)
Pic 2 (credit Frank Cerney collection)
Colonial Marine Lampbox
M40 Grenades
Call/Johner Betty Crew Handgun

Fyberdyne Laboratories
Colonial Marine Armor (fiberglass)

Icons Authentic Prop Replicas
M41A Pulse Rifle "background" version
M41A Pulse Rifle "hero" version (prototype only)

Universal Armorer/The Klingon Armorer
M41A Pulse Rifle
M41A Pulse Rifle (The Klingon Armorer packaging)
Flame Thrower
Smart Gun

Fiction & Fantasy Models
M41A Pulse Rifle (metal)
M41A Pulse Rifle (resin)
Motion Tracker
Colonial Marine Armor

John Riddel Productions
Colonial Marine Armor

Relics (UK)
M41A Pulse Rifle
ad copy of above
additional pic of above
Smart Gun
additional pic of above
Flame Thrower

Science Shop
M41A Pulse Rifle
additional pic of above

EDC Studios
M Series Grenades

Empire Kollectibles
M41A Pulse Rifle (metal)
VP70 Automatic
Plasma Welder
Call/Johner Betty Crew Handgun

Golden Age Productions
M41A Pulse Rifle (assembled)
additional pic of above
M41A Pulse Rifle (kit)
M280 Flame Thrower

Raven Stone Games
M41A Pulse Rifle. 3 piece kit with USCM symbol in handle

Ricochet Reproductions
Smart Gun
Plasma Welder
Auriga Rifle

Phase II/Terran Trader/Star Arms
M41A Pulse Rifle (PH023)
M280 Flame Thrower (PH029)
M40 Grenades (PH030)
Hand Grenade (PH031)
M56 Smart Gun (PH032)
VP70 (Phase II) (PH033)
Colonial Marine Helmet (Phase II) (PH034)
Personal Locator (Phase II) (PH035)
Motion Tracker

Genesis (UK)
Colonial Marine M3 Body Armour
Colonial Marine Breast Plate

Prop Shop (UK)
1:3 10" M41A Pulse Rifle
1:3 16" M56 Smart Gun

Monsters in Motion (US/Japan)
Version 1 M41A Pulse Rifle kit sold in the US imported from Japan
Version 2 M41A Pulse Rifle kit

Alien Flamethrower
M41A Pulse Rifle
Smart Gun
Plasma Welder
Colonial Marine Armor
Colonial Marine Helmet

GEM Reproductions
M41A Pulse Rifle kit
kit components of above
M41A Pulse Rifle

Smartgun Headset/Sight

Alberta Industry Models (Canada)
M41A Pulse Rifle (TBD)

GW2 Designs
M41A Pulse Rifle
M41A Pulse Rifle Display Rack (limited edition)
Smart Gun Battery
Belt Tool
Personal Locator Set (Tube and Wrist Receiver)
Gerber Knife

Phil Steinschneider
Carter Burke Business Card (limited edition)
Pulse Rifle Storage Box

Thermalized Plastics
Colonial Marine Helmet Mic
additional pic of above
Colonial Marine Lampbox

Deck 36
Motion Tracker
M40 Grenades (metal)

Resin Otter (Japan)
VP-70 kit with box art
Auriga Pistol kit with box art

Spat Cave
M41A Pulse Rifle
M3 Body Armor

Masterpiece Replicas
Motion Tracker Display Case
additional pic of above

M13 (Shawn Morgan sculpt)
Nostromo Crew Sidearm
additional pic of above
Completed model
Close-up of completed model
Left side of completed model
Nozzle area of above
Mid-section of above
Left side detailing of completed model
Right side detailing of completed model
Completed model
Brown Bess model
Brown Bess model
Brown Bess model
Brown Bess model

Unknown (Japan)
M41A Pulse Rifle kit
M41A Pulse Rifle kit (boxed)

M41A Pulse Rifle
3 solid piece kit VERY EARLY replica. Please contact us if you have any info on this item.

M41A Pulse Rifle
Flame Thrower
Auriga Shock Rifle
Call/Johner Betty Crew Handgun

Garage Kits

"Struggle" Alien vs. Vasquez

Grey Zon Sculpture Lab
Xenomorph Skull
Xenomorph Queen Skull
Xenomorph Stasis Tube

Star Wars Emporium (UK)
Star Beast (Lee Ames Alien Warrior sculpt)
Game Over (Hicks & Hudson vs. Two Warriors)
Alien vs. Predator (Lee Ames sculpt)
Ripley Clone #8 (Pineapple Bros. sculpt)
Kane & Egg Diorama (Lee Ames sculpt)

Village Comics
Colonial Marine

"Kill Me" Alien Victim
Alien Base (Ian Dickson sculpt)

Espi Productions
Colonial Marine with Alien base

Oz Shop
Alien Warrior (Yuji Kaida sculpt)
additional pic of above

Facehugger Bust


Alien Egg

Fifth Sense
1:6 Bug Hunt (Alien vs. Predator)
Badass Vasquez
Badass Hicks

Seahorse Models
Derelict Ship
Derelict Ship with Base and Certificate
Derelict Diorama/Model (MIM recast)

Xenomorphus Rex

Alien Queen
Queen Chestburster

Japanese Resin Craft (JRC)
Facehugger Boxed
Chestburster Boxed

Mental Mischief
Aliens Chestburster

Flying Gung Brothers
Stalking Xenomorph
Emperor (Alien)
King Alien

Industrial Resin Craft
Warrior (photo of recast)

Resin D'etre (Nick Tanguma sculpt)
Xenomorph Bust

Endless Enterprises
Nostromo logo Plaque
USCM Eagle logo Plaque
Bug Stompers logo Plaque
Alien Warrior

Alien Enterprises
Genocide Alien vs. Predator (Chris Moody sculpt)
Bug Hunter (Machiko from Alien vs. Predator)
Bug Hunt (Machiko vs. Alien, Chris Moody sculpt)

Lil Monsters
Alien Nest
Alien Bust

Alien Warrior (crouching on tall base)
Alien 3 Warrior
Giger Alien
Ripley Clone 1
Ripley Clone 3
Ripley Clone 6

Voo Doo Babes
Alien Dog Crusher
Alien Queen
Alien Plaque

Crouching Alien

Dimensional Designs
Alien Skull
Chestburster (Terry Lattimer sculpt)

Lattimer Productions

Jayco Hobbies
Alien Eggs with detailed interior
Alien Clear Egg with Facehugger inside
Alien Hybrid (Ian Coulter sculpt)
Alien Hybrid 2 (Ian Coulter sculpt)
Alien Hybrid with Shot Marine (Louis Vasquez sculpt)

Queen Killer (Ripley)

German Garage
1:1 scale Alien head bust

Shock the New (Bruce Hansing sculpt)
1:1 scale Alien head bust
Alien Queen

Aqua Alien

Billiken Shoukai (Japan)
Hard rubber relief/sculpture. 18" square x 5" deep

Amaze Workshop
Predator slaying Alien diorama

White Dwarf
Xenomorph Skull (Ken Giannetti sculpt)

Matsuda (Japan)

Takeya (Japan)

Gort (Japan)
1:8 Alien 3 Warrior

Sagae (sculpt)
Alien Resurrection Call and Johner Diorama

Wayne Hanson (sculpt)

Frank Cerney (sculpt)
Stasis Tube

Paul Fay (sculpt)
Alien Plaque

Nick Tanguma (sculpt)
Alien Warrior Bust

Harley Azbell (sculpt)
Alien Base (w/eggs)

Jean-Louis Crinon (sculpt)
Alien Egg

Sandy Collara (sculpt)
Spacejockey in Navigator's chair

Thomas Kuntz (sculpt)
Alien Queen

Bill Merklin (sculpt)
Alien 3 Warrior

Mike Wowczuk (sculpt)
Alien Warrior/Predator Hybrid (1993 Chiller Show exclusive) Alien King & Base

Jay Dee Models (UK)
Alien Plaque
Facehugger Bust
Limited Edition 1:6 Alien Warrior with base

Reshape (UK)
Limited Edition Man Burster
Alien Egg
USS Sulaco

Crouching Predator (S204)
Crouching Alien (S205)
Space Jockey (S293)
Alien Warrior (S286)

C&G (UK)
Alien Apocalypse 1:6 Alien Warrior with base of skulls
Genocide (Aliens vs. Predator) 1:6 cold cast porcelain

Phantom (UK)

Genesis (UK)
Limited Edition Alien Queen (GS048)

Mooncrest (UK)
Alien Egg & Cylinder
Alien Queen Fetus

Terran Trader (UK)
Nodding Alien 3

Creative Castings (UK)
Nodding Alien 3

FX Models (UK)
5" Nostromo

Fiction & Fantasy Models
Alien Wall Plaque (large plaque with warrior head bursting through)

Resin Heaven (Chris Moody sculpt)
Genocide: Aliens vs. Predator (Fine Scale Modeler Magazine 1997 Show Special limited edition)

Fantome (France)
White metal Alien Warrior. 54mm
White metal Chestburster

Fantasy Figures
Alien 1:6 Source: Toy Shop #193 page 45
Alien base with egg 1:8 Source: Toy Shop #193 page 45

Alien (pre-painted) Source: Toy Shop #193 page 45
Chestburster (pre-painted) Source: Toy Shop #193 page 45

Silent Shadows
Crouching Alien statue

Dark Art Sculptures (Christian sculpt)
Giger Plaque

Thailand GK Network
Alien Skull

Yellow Pearl (Jeff H. Johnson sculpt, 1992)
Alien Warrior with Ripley Base (limited edition of 30)
Completed kit
Back View
Completed Face and Torso

Alternative Images (Harley Azbell sculpt)
Bolaji Alien Warrior

Jaguar Models (Susumu Sugita sculpt Japan)
Alien Mother

Anthony Adrian Veilleux sculpt
Alien Resurrection Ripley Clone #3

Liquid Factory
Alien vs. Predator

Legends & Lore
Facehugger Bust

HR Giger Alien Warrior Bust
HR Giger Alien Warrior Bust with dome

Massacre Models
Alien Warrior

Alien Queen
Inside kit

XO Facto
Lucky Star (Ripley)

Scale Model Technologies
22" Dropship (Alfred Wong sculpt)
APC (Alfred Wong sculpt)
Betty Transport Ship

Elder Predator
additional pic 2
additional pic 3

The Resin Laboratory/Vander 3D Modelmakers (Dan van der Fransen sculpt)
Ripley (Alien) 1:6 scale
The Creature (Alien) 1:6 scale
The Newborn (Alien: Resurrection) 1:8 scale
Nostromo Refinery Platform (unreleased)

Simian Productions
Ripley and Jones Bust (Alien)

Deluted Concepts
Predator Bust (Alien)

Revenge Monst Store
Alien vs. Predator (Narin sculpt)
Predator Sword Hands (Narin sculpt)

Forbidden Zone
1:4 Scale Powerloader

Super Deformed Kits

Oz Shop
Super Deformed Alien Warrior
Super Deformed Kane
Super Deformed APC
Super Deformed Dropship

Super Deformed Alien
additional pic of above (assembled)
Super Deformed Queen Alien Spearing Bishop

Timeless Entertainment
Super Deformed Warrior with Hatching Egg

Mad Lab Models
Super Deformed Alien Warrior
Super Deformed Kane with Chestburster and Facehugger attached
additional pic of above

Monster Shop
Super Deformed Nostromo Astronaut
Super Deformed Alien Warrior

Super Deformed Queen Alien Spearing Bishop

U Tom
Super Deformed Alien Warrior (Aliens)

Super Deformed Alien Warrior

Unknown Superdeformed Kits

Accessory Kits

Flashing Powerloader light for Halcyon kit
Battery Clip for above
Power Supply for above

Small scale APC for Halcyon Dropship
Kit and box

Missile pods for Halcyon Dropship
Arm claws for Halcyon Powerloader


Giger Alien from Artwork
Spacejockey in Navigator's chair
Kane with Egg
Alien Warrior (Japan)
Alien Queen (Japan)
Alien Warrior Skull
Aliens vs. Superman
Small Alien plaque
Dancing Chestburster (Spaceballs)
Alien 3 Warrior (resin)
Alien 3 Warrior (porcelin cast)
Facehugger plaque
Alien 3 poster Queen Chestburster (sperm image)
Chestburster prop
Alien Queenburster in jar
Female Predator Warrior overlooking dead Alien Warriors
Standing Alien Warrior (Japan) Source: AFM #13 page 89
Alien 3 Creature in motion (Japan) Source: AFM #13 page 89
Ripley Clones (Japan) Source: AFM #13 page 89
Full Size Ripley Clones (several different)
Predator with Alien base (Mad Model Party 1998 exclusive)
Aliens Chestburster (from female "Kill Me" victim)
Plaque (UK)
Plaque (Germany)
Plaque (France)
Warrior Mouth Plaque (France)
Vasquez (limited edition)
additional pic of above
Warrior Head (limited edition)
Warrior Plaque (Japan)
Chestbuster Plaque
"Alas, Poor Yorick" Alien holding skull
Metal Giger Alien
Predator Starship
Alien 3 Ripley
Unknown Alien Warrior
Base of above