Ever since we first logged on we've been on a never ending search for Aliens merchandise from all over the globe. Here's a listing of some of the sites that carry Aliens items (please shop at your own risk and exercise responsibility when shopping online). If you know of a site that should be here and/or you have anything to contribute please let us know!

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Special Offers
The most unique Aliens items that you won't find anywhere else!

General Aliens & Related Merchandise

Westfield Comics
See something you want in the Previews catalog? Order it here online!
Monsters in Motion
Amazing Aliens items for sale!
Intergalactic Trading Company
T-Shirts, models, toys, patches and more!
Things From Another World
All sorts of comic books and other good stuff!
Want to find out what's coming down the pipe in the coming months? Previews is for you!
A huge selection of movie and TV related goodies!
Amiami (Japan)
A great source for some of the harder-to-find items in Japan
Dark Horse Comics
The one place for Aliens books and graphic novels!
Entertainment Earth
A primary source of Star Wars action figures, E.E. has tons of fantastic toys and goodies!
Odd World
The Ultimate Shop of Comic Books Collectibles, Action Figures, Toys, Statues, Video, DVD and other popular products.
Creature Features
Books, out-of-print magazines, rare model kits and more!
New Eye Studio
In business before all the rest, a great place for rare stuff!
Collectors Empire
Kenner items, sci-fi costumes and more!
Golden Apple Comics
In the LA area or on-line, this is THE place for Alien and other great stuff
First State Comics
Comics, collectibles, and a great selection of Halcyon Aliens kits, what more could you want?
World Famous Comics
A wonderful selection of comics and more!
Check this site for a huge variety of official items, stills, door posters, and more!
Sheffield Space Centre Home Page
A great UK store that's got a whole bunch of great stuff!
You'll have to email them for their list of Aliens merchandise, but they've got that door poster you've always wanted!
Super Collector
Lot's of great Aliens merchandise here, including all the soundtracks on CD!
Comics and a ton of Alien action figures!
Samurai Anime
And yet even more Alien toys!
Monsters Direct
Alien models, statues and more! Also carries rare items from Japan like the Zippo lighters!
Edmund Varuolo's Film/TV Collectibles
Several "Operation Aliens" items and other goodies for sale!
Quaker Head
A great selection of Sci-Fi items in Philidelphia, Pennyslvania! "Eastern Pennsylvania's Premier Collectible Emporium of Action Figures and Anime", is located at the heart of Philadelphia's most famous, trend-setting attraction: South Street.  A few blocks away from the Historic District of Independence Hall, The LibertyBell Pavilion, and the soon-to-be-built Constitution Center, South Street is a blend of eclectic merchant shops and restaurants that offer paraphernalia and novelties of the "Exotic, Erotic, & Esoteric". From the Tattoo Parlor to the Ice Cream Parlor; from the Comic Shop to the Head Shop...we've got it all!  Freaks, Geeks, Straight and the "Not-So-Straight", Hippies, Punks: South Street's entourage jaunt from 8th Street and travel southward down to Front Street (for the non-Philly folks, it's "1st Street"!), a few blocks away from another Philadelphia Landmark, Penn's Landing, on the waterfront of the Delaware River.  Thousands of people travel to South Street for the wild festivities and events that happen throughout the year.  When visiting Philadelphia, experience the "Wild Side" of South Street!"
Star Tech Enterprises
Currently offline.
Sci-Fi Channel Store
Currently offline.

Model & Replica Shops

Comet Miniatures
One of the world's greatest Aliens shops. Model kits, books, magazines, prop replicas, marine armor and more!
Hobby Link Japan
A great place to find the Tsukuda Aliens pre-painted models
Q's continuum
Aliens kits, marine patches, APC & Dropship blueprints and a whole lot more!
The Character Shop
All sorts of great garage and model kits!
The Doll & Hobby Shop
Fantastic model kits and more!
Frontier Models
Tons of Aliens kits and prop replicas including Marine Armor, Motion Trackers, Locators and more!
Village Comics
When in NY City a must stop for Aliens fans. Aliens kits, replicas and more!
Hobby Web
Here's the Halcyon/MRC attacking Alien at a great price!
A great place for modelers!
Star Wars Emporium
Amazing Kits!
Green Models
A huge selection of model kits from all genres!
Master Replicas
Fantastic Star Wars replica props!
Empire Collectibles
Sci-Fi and military weapon replicas!
Marine armor and prop replicas galore!
Earth Defense Corps Armory
Even more prop replicas!
Sci-Fi Prop Museum
Actual screen used movie props! Visit Dan Short's sale page for some amzing collectibles for sale
Star Wares On Main
Carries original and authentic Aliens props and costumes!
Reel Clothes
Also has original Hollywood wardrobe, props and costumes!
Bedlum's Home Page
Aliens and other movie props!
Hollywood Hardware
More Aliens and other movie props!
Sci-Fi Action Prop Shop
Even more Aliens and other movie props!
Yet even more Aliens and other movie props!
Geometric Designs
Makers of some of the coolest kits and dioramas I've ever seen!
G-Force Model Kits
An excellent selection of Aliens and other great kits!
Modeler's Vault
Another shop where to find even more Halcyon kits!
Imperial Hobbies
Visit this Canadian site for a great selection of resin kits!
Kimono My House
Cool collectibles from overseas!
Discount Games Co.
Want to find that Halcyon kit at a bargain price?
The Propstore of London
UK based retailer of screen used props, wardrobe, and assorted production artifacts.
Ask Models
A UK model shop that carries thousands of model kits.
An great selection of Japanese and other model kits!
Trilogy Toys
Star Wars replicas and more!
A great model shop in Germany that carries many science fiction models!


Bud Plant Comic Art
Simply the best store of its kind - ever!
Everything under the sun.

Costumes & Apparel

Nightmare Factory
One chest rippin' T-shirt!
Bad Planet
Costumes and dispalys galore!
Monster Makers
Get ready for Halloween! Alien costumes galore!
Halloween Mart
Even more great Alien costumes!
Spooky Planet
And even more great Alien costumes and displays!
More Alien costumes!
Spirit Halloween
Great Halloween stuff!
Fantastic masks, costumes and displays!
Halloween Studios
Even more great costumes!
Halloween Express
A huge selection of Halloween costumes!
Star Costumes
Aliens and Predator Costumes!
Bluray T-Shirts
Aliens and Predator T-Shirts!
The Magic Wardrobe
Custom costumes: historical and fantasy, including movie, cosplay, anime, comics, pet, re-enactment and video game costumes!


Big City Collectibles
Visit Big City for an action figure/collectible site consisting heavily of Aliens and Predator items!
Just Be Distribution
Tsukuda kits, Medicom dolls and all sorts of great stuff from Japan!
Toys From The Outer Limits
Excellent US based distributor of Tsukuda, Medicom figures and more!
Toy Syndicate
Even more great stuff from Japan!
D&S Sci-Fi Toy World
An action figure and toy site with an excellent selection of Aliens figures!
Sci-Fi Warehouse
Forbidden Planet home shopping!
Ancient Idols Toys
Looking for rare stuff - this place can help!
Pretty Good Toys
Find the Ben Cooper costume here along with some other really rare Aliens stuff!
Medicom Toys
Official manufacturer of 12" Real Action figures and more!
Splash Page Comics & Toys
Hop over to Splash Page Comics for a great selection of Kenner action figures!
John's Collecible Toys & Gifts
See John's site for all your Alien goodies and costume needs!
Amok Time
Looking for Kenner figures, try here!
US Characters
All sorts of good toys!
Toy Japan
Can't find the Medicom "Real Action Series" figure, try here
S&K Collectibles
More Alien action figures!
T&D Toys
Action figures and other cool toys!
One time manufacturer of Aliens micro machines!
Toy Monster
Great stuff from around the world!
Cool Japanese Toys
Just what the title says!
Image Anime
Excellent selection of goods from Japan!
Wicked Cool Stuff
Wicked cool!
T&D Toys
Plenty of Aliens action figures for sale!
New Force Comics & Collectibles
Tons of collectibles for sale!
Thirteenth Floor Toys
Dedicated to providing you with a wide variety of the best toys and collectibles available.

Movie Posters & Stills

Rick's Movie Graphics
Movie posters, movie posters, movie posters
Movie Goods
A fantastic selection of movie memorabilia
Learn About Movie Posters Collecting
A great place to start!
Graphic Expectations
Movie Posters!
Hollywood Toy and Poster Co.
Movie posters and other goodies
Collector's Book Store
In Hollywood or online, this is your one stop movie poster (and more) shop!
A few great Alien posters!
Hollywood Movie Posters
A great selection of Alien posters at decent prices!
Dave Dorman Art
Get some great posters form the amazing illustrator here!
Poster Now
Great Alien pop posters - at even greater prices!
Captain Bijou
Movie posters!
Galactic Highway Movie Posters
Movie Posters!
Movie Posters!
Cinema Centers Movie Posters
Movie Posters!
Movie Poster Warehouse
Movie Posters!
Movie Posters!
Poster Source
Movie Posters!
Video Den Movie Posters
Movie Posters!
The Movie Poster Shop
Movie Posters!
Still Things
An excellent selection of stills from the films!
Just what the title says!
One of the internets largest general poster and print shops!
Dr. Z's Movie Posters
Movie Posters!
Poster Price
Movie Posters!
Movie Posters!
Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material's Store
Movie Posters!
Movie Posters!

Specialty Items

The Wound and Wound Toy Co.
Fantastic Alien windups from Japan!
One of the world's foremost auction houses, Sothebys regularly sells movie props and other assorted memorabilia!

Detailed Information

Comet Miniatures (UK)
One of the best Sci-Fi shops in the United Kingdom. Currently has motion tracker kits, rare models, Tsukuda reissues and the only place I know that carries the dropship nose art patches!
44-48 Lavender Hill
SW11 5RH
Telephone 0171 228 3702
Telephone 0181 200 6126
Fax 0171 924 1005

Terran Trader (UK)
Several marine replicas including motion trackers, VP-70's (Marines handgun), Smart Guns, flame throwers, welders, marine helmets and Aliens t-shirts!
18 Churton Avenue
Oxton, Birkenhead
Wirral, L43 2NG
Telephone 0151 652 9369
Fax 0151 652 936910

Relics (UK)
Smart Gun & Pulse Rifle replica kits!
174 South Road
Hailsham, East Sussex
BN27 3NR
Telephone 0132 384 2234

Morris Costumes
Official distributor of all new Aliens related costumes
3108 Monroe Road,
Charlotte, North Carolina 28205
Telephone 704 333 4653

Toys From The Outer Limits
Excellent US based distributor of Tsukuda and Medicom figures
973 340-9393
973 340-8885 (Fax)
387 Piaget Avenue (Route 46 East)
Clifton, NJ 07011