Gary Gillies issued the following press release on Alien War which re-opened for a limited run in Glasgow in early 2000. This information is provided for archival purposes only.


'Alien War', or as it is now known... 'Alien War Zone' is back in Glasgow, Scotland. Last year at the Scottish Exhibition Centre, 17000 victims were claimed, are you up to the challenge? The only thing you have to do is.........SURVIVE!

Alien War Zone tickets will be on sale for 3.95 and open from 23rd December to 16th January 2000!

'Alien War' creator Gary Gillies is also involved in the MOVIE MAGIC exhibition that will be on display at the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow. Among many others we have props from the 35ft long Batmobile from Michael Keaton's 'Batman', the Bond Aston Martin, the new Bond movie 'The World Is Not Enough', Star Wars Episode I, Titanic, Indiana Jones, Starship Troopers, Dr Who and many more. We have something very special for Alien fans, which was only confirmed a few days ago. We have Giger's first Alien costume from 'Alien', which has never been seen before, outside of Swizterland. It will be on display for 3 weeks. It's around 8 feet high and is the best piece of the whole display. This will be the biggest collection of movie props and costumes EVER assembled in one place.


Gary Gillies of Alien War has just confirmed that advanced tickets are now available for Alien War Zone and the 'Movie Magic' props expo which will both be on display at the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow, from 23rd December to 16th January 2000.

Alien War Zone tickets will be on sale for 3.95, and Gary urged me to tell you that tickets for both, are selling FAST! This is a one-off folks, and it is unlikely that it will be making its way down south for a while, if at all.

For more info, please phone the Scottish Exhibition Centre box office on Glasgow (0141) 248 3000

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