What's Operation Aliens. A proposed saturday morning cartoon?


Operation Aliens Powerloader t-shirt

Operation Aliens Queen t-shirt
Operation Aliens Warrior Head t-shirt
T-shirt back of all the above
Operation Aliens black t-shirt (features various warriors and a green background)
Operation Aliens Queen in chamber t-shirt
Operation Aliens crawling belt print t-shirt
Operation Aliens Scorpian Alien print t-shirt (facehugger outline)


Purple comic-like Warrior with "Operation Aliens" logo in top corner (1993 OSP Publishing, Inc. #xxxx 34.5"x23")
Marine assault poster with "Operation Aliens" logo (1993 OSP Publishing, Inc. #2349 34.5"x23")

School Supplies (Write On, UK)

Equipment Case Set (includes paper, pencils, pencil case, ruler, sharpener, and eraser)
Exercise Book Set (includes exercise book, notebook, pencils, eraser and ruler)
Space Logbook
Data Pad Set
Space Case Set (includes two pencils, eraser, sharpener, notebook, and paper clip)

Handheld Video Game (unreleased)
Handheld Video Game Blister Card (unreleased)
Combat Board Game
Plaster Moulding Set
Action Figure Collectors Case
Corporal Hicks Puzzle (Milton Bradley)
Private Drake Puzzle (Milton Bradley)


Aliens/Predator Universe Cards subset
Kenner Marines/Dark Horse checklist cards (5 different)
Queen soakie
Queen Alien Kid's Costume
Queen watch